About me

Born and bred in Wellington, New Zealand
Lived in Hong Kong for a few years
Then 10+ years in the UK, mostly in London
Moved to Sydney June 2010
Married to Lisa since Feb 2009 (she's quite a catch)

I like to take photos
I like to cook
I like good beer (there's more of it here in Sydney than I thought there would be)
And I've recently discovered I like to surf (though I use 'surf' in the loosest terms)

Brand and Comms Research is what I get paid to do, and currently I'm a Partner at Hall & Partners | Open Mind Sydney (views and opinions on this blog are my own etc. and so on)

And in fairness that should really be listed in the 'like' list above as well. Largely because I am one of those annoying people who has to understand rather than just know, which lends well to an industry which is all about getting to the bottom of things. But also because I'm a low-level advertising and technology geek.Which means I'm well suited to my job, or perhaps vice versa. Here's a venn diagram to sum this up (i like those too):